Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Hey. If you're reading this you might be interested in the fact that I've moved to China. If not, feel free to not read this ever. I've set up this blog so I don't have to bother anyone if they don't want to be. If you wish to recieve updates, I'm pretty sure there's a way to have google send you an e-mail everytime the blog is updated.

I'm going to try to keep posts general, i.e. no inside crap., name dropping, etc.; the reason is that I would like a lot of people to be able to read about what I'm doing. It should be readable even (hypothetically) to people whom I might not know, but who might be interested in what it's like to live here.

Additionally, this is very much a sanity-keeping project, as no one here speaks English very well. Even my boss, who has lived in Toronto for 10 years and is the best English speaker I've met so far, has trouble understanding me at times. Anyway my point is, if you have a question or comment about something, put it up! I'd like to keep in touch with everyone as much as possible, and i think this blog could facilitate that.

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The Sauce said...

Jenkins, clearly the Chinese don't understand the nuances of the word "the." It will be a hard fought lesson but I think if anyone can teach them it's you.

Bee Tee Dub, the Steelers peed in the Raven's collective mouth as i'm sure you've heard/read/beat out of a Wuhan newspaper vendor.

Your pal,