Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Midterm week

OK this won't be that long because every second this week has so far been devoted to teaching, eating, preparing for teaching, sleeping, or preparing the midterms. This week I had to give out (at least) three different mid-terms: two for the big class and one (possibly two) for the express class. The first midterm is done, so now I only need to make two more. The two remaining are the much harder ones too. Basically, I don't have free time. But I'll give a short update regardless...

  1. Got a camera today. It's charging right now, so I apologize for not putting anything up. Again, many photos on the way.
  2. Discovered another treat on Guangba Lu which I believe is called "Bing zi," but I call it "Thin meat bread." New favorite food (my favorites change a lot here, I've found).
  3. Speaking of, I'm obsessed with a fruit called "you zi." I am keeping a pace of eating one you zi every day for two weeks, noteworthy due to the fact that these are pretty big. Honestly the perfect fruit. The flavor is a mix between a grapefruit and an orange. Once you open the thick rind, you have to peel away a thin layer of skin on each piece (what you would normally eat on a piece of an orange). I never liked that about oranges... I always wanted to only eat the fruity part inside the skin. The you zi accomodates that.
  4. I'm establishing a rapport with the local folk at the Guangba lu night market. Charm is an international language, eh?
  5. A lady who likes me at the night market gives me food for free, even though I definitely don't want it (probably why she gives me food for free). So I ate what I'm pretty sure was a snail. I was interested in what it was, so I explained the experience to the express class. They laughed, "Be careful." I asked "why?" One student looked through his dictionary for a moment and then said the word "excrement." I learned not to ask questions about food ever again.
  6. Finally talked to friends back home. Very refreshing.
  7. Almost finished watching prison break season 2. Finishing the season is equivalent to a battle with my computer. Somehow I haven't resorted to using my fists yet.
  8. I went to a "dvd store," where I'm pretty sure there's absolutely zero legitimately sold dvds. This is a step up in class from the dvd street vendors, so I'll be frequenting this place. I bought season 3 of prison break and seasons 1-2 of mad men (havent seen an episode, but heard good things) for 20 RMB.
  9. Got paid for November. The amount in my bank account gives me the illusion that I'm rich as hell.

OK those are the big events. Coming soon, I need a haircut, bed sheets, and caulk for my windows. Also I'll be missing my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving, for the first time. Ms. Han told me she and the other coworkers would do something nice for me though.


Diana said...

Thanksgiving is pretty cool. Not as cool as living in China. You'll only miss the holiday for a day and then you'll realize that right now, your life is amazing.

Keep posting! I love the updates!

Sean said...

Good stuff Bird, glad I got to talk to you a couple weeks ago.

By the way, one of my best bros was in China for a year, and now 6 months later is still battling a trio of digestive issues including a hietal hernia. So yeah, watch what you eat. On the other hand, my other buddy he went with, is fine.