Sunday, December 14, 2008


Just in case your didn't see the pictures link, they're here. I took a few more recently, namely a few views that I have from the three places I spend the most time in...

The first few pictures are of both of my teaching buildings. In the first picture, teaching building 5 (where I teach the small class) is in the center of the foreground, and teaching building 1 (where I teach the big class) is looming in the background. BTW, chinese lesson for today, "background" = beijing. I learned that when my coworkers were in the middle of a conversation about photos and I thought they were talking about going to Beijing (my basic understanding of Chinese only allows for me to assume simple-minded conversations, but at least it's progress from nothing. Still, I probably look like an idiot hehe).

Teaching buildings 5 (foreground) and 1 (background)

Big classroom (Teaching building 1) view 1. I teach on the 18th floor.

Big Classroom view 2. The view is of the East Lake and some of Hankou District

Another picture from my class. It can be pretty distracting sometimes!

From teaching building 1, taken at around 8 AM. That's right, I'm awake then.

View from the small class (teaching building 5).

The only decoration in my classroom. I recommend taking a closer look at this one.

This was taken from my apartment. I took it because there's a group of kids playing badminton on the roof of the building, without adult supervision. Not to sound like a mom. It's just like, they're pretty high up.

A picture of where I buy fruit, most notably the you zi and pineapple. You can see the you zi's; they're the big, round, yellow fruits in the middle.

Speaking of, when you buy a pineapple or you zi, they peel it for you. What a country! The service is top notch every time.

This is where I live. My apartment is visible, I just don't know which one it is in this picture. Somewhere in the middle.


Camilo said...

Soviet Union, nice!

AWill said...

What does the inside of the you zi look like?