Sunday, March 27, 2011

How ghosts actualize

Have you ever worried that you'll die on the same day as someone like Meredith Vieira? Cuz on that day, your loved ones will be gathering in sorrow, and someone will have read in the newspaper that she died, and say "Hey, did you hear Meredith Vieira died today too?" And then your 8 year-old grandson who has no clue who that is will be like "Who's Meredith Vieira?" And then they'll have this long discussion about who she was and what she did... Remember how she hosted "who wants to be a millionaire" and that a baby cold have done a better job hosting. How she somehow rose to the top of network programming despite the obvious shortcoming of having a totally bland, uninteresting personality. And then your relatives will start to feel bad for her. Meanwhile, you're dead and pissed that your family is mourning Meredith freaking Vieira. And that the day that you died will forever be correlated with hers. So like three years later, people will be like "Hey, remember three years back when Evan died? Sad day" And then someone else will say, "Oh yeah, that was the same day Meredith Vieira died." Thus explaining ghosts.

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